Reducing the risk of being road pizza is a good reason to live in a rural place

I’ve mentioned before why I prefer living in smaller towns. While there are certain advantages to being in a bigger city, there are also some shortcomings to live in metropolitan areas. A trip to one such place reminded me of why it’s a good idea to live in wide open spaces.

My roommate and I traveled to Green Bay yesterday to go to the city’s annual gay pride festival in the park. It takes about a half-hour or so to get there, and we had just rolled into the city limits when I heard my roommate cussing at someone. As it turned out, the driver to our right was trying to merge into our lane with us right in his path. It was certainly annoying, but I didn’t plan to let it ruin the day.

After a few hours of the festival, we’d had our fill of fun and decided to make the drive back home. We reached a major intersection and were in one of the left-turn lanes. The light turned green, along with the green arrow, and I started to make my turn when the vehicle to my right, in a non-turning lane, makes a sharp left turn, cutting me off and almost causing me to crash into him. This time, I wasn’t annoyed; I was mad.

My anger only intensified as this menace to society drove at the speed of a crippled turtle and then signaled to turn right, stopped before a driveway and then proceeded on to the next driveway a few hundred feet down the way before finally turning. Either the driver had only received his license the day before or had not even taken the test.

Having to dodge random vehicles driven by clueless drivers is something that no one enjoys, but it seems like there is a greater concentration in major metropolitan areas. I admit that I have gotten lost in bigger cities, where I don’t know my way around, but I don’t cut people off when I realize I’ve missed a turn. I proceed to the next possible turn area and find a way to get back on track that doesn’t cause the kind of pile-up that I’d probably be covering for the newspaper.

Accidents happen in small towns, too, but they usually happen on the major roads. Having almost ended up someone’s hood ornament twice in the span of a few hours in Green Bay, it was a clear affirmation that I’ve made the right decision living in a rural area. While shopping malls and large festivals can be fun, I don’t need to live near them to enjoy them, and I can definitely live without the high risk of getting killed or maimed en route.


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