Forget throwing the book at monsters and dump the whole shelf on them

You have to wonder how screwed up someone has to be in order to prey on someone weaker than them.

You also have to wonder how stupid they are in order to film said predatory act and run it live on Facebook for the whole world to see.

America got to see the latest effort of how messed up society can get when four black people in Chicago beat and tortured a disabled white teen in all kinds of inhuman ways. They made him drink toilet water. They used racial slurs geared toward white people. They threatened him with a knife. They even tried to extort $300 from his mother.

It’s not the first time that bullies have gone after someone weaker than them. It’s not the first time that racists have taunted someone because of the color of their skin. What makes this particularly heinous is that they recorded it live for horrified people to see, and to really take the cake, they wondered why more people were not liking their live video.

Gee, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you’re ganging up on someone who is unable to defend himself and thinking that others are going to cheer you on as you inflict your suffering. Just a wild guess.

Thankfully, these four examples of the lowest common denominator are being charged with a hate crime. Actually, two—one because of race and one because of disability. I haven’t seen anything in news reports about what kind of sentence they face if they’re found guilty, but I’m thinking that Illinois should call up Singapore and ask to borrow a cane, right before they’re locked in a deep, dark hole forever.


A sketch of the four suspects who tortured a disabled teen as they make an appearance in court.

Maybe it sounds harsh, but you’re talking about people who think that other human lives are worthless. News reports show that several of them had prior charges of aggravated battery and armed robbery, so we’re not talking about innocent youth making one tiny mistake.


The fact that the attorneys tried to get a judge to allow bail is equally ludicrous. Thankfully, the judge thought better of having four deranged predators back out on the streets to wreak havoc on others. Hopefully, due to the fact that they broadcast their cruelty on the World Wide Web, the possibility of being found guilty will be impossible.

Speaking of the broadcasting, this might be a good time for Facebook to revisit its policy about allowing anyone to record live video. While most folks use it for informative and entertainment purposes, there are some who love to horrify. It might be time for Facebook to put some controls on it. Considering the company’s rabid enforcement of any images considered to be nudity, you’d think things would be in place already. Last time I checked, violence and torture were more disturbing than uncovered tushies.

I’ll be interested in seeing the outcome of the court case. I would suggest no leniency. Forget about throwing the book at these four. I say dump the whole shelf on them.


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