Cute puppy photos? I’ll show you cute puppy photos!

It’s fairly easy to take photos of people. Lump them together and snap the shutter, and you’ll easily capture an image of friends and/or family for all to see. You might have an occasional grump who doesn’t want a photo taken, but otherwise, there’s not a huge challenge.

That’s not the case with puppies. Oh, no. Puppies don’t understand why you’re pointing that thingamabobber at them. All they understand is that there are other critters like them, and they want to play. Getting shots of puppies can sometimes be a challenge.

It’s a challenge I relish.

Recently, one of the Australian Shepherds my mother owns had a litter of puppies. For many years, my mother has raised purebred pups in her home in Birnamwood and sold them all over Wisconsin and even across the country. Some of the puppies have grown to be service dogs, farm dogs and other success stories.

_MG_0657_MG_0639_mg_0026At this time of year, it’s not too warm most days, so most of the photos I capture of puppies born in January and February tend to be inside photos. If the little fluffballs are in a pen, they’re not running around as much, but they’re still constantly in motion, so I have to be ready to strike. Sometimes a puppy will see I’m up to something and stand still out of curiosity, but not always.

_MG_0703_MG_0665_MG_0668_MG_0690May tends to be a better month for puppy photos, as the weather has warmed up enough for them to roam outside. My mother has a deck that is excellent for photos, and the warmer weather really ups the energy in the puppies. It’s a little easier having sunlight to help me catch puppies in motion, as the shutter speed can be faster while keeping the photos clear.

110112Summer works great, as well, and my mom in previous years has set up a pen surrounded by trees allowing the puppies to roam while also providing a shady area for them to keep cool. One of my favorite puppy photos was taken during the summer months a few years ago, where a pup named Snowflake—a really light blue merle with an almost white face—got up on hind legs to say hi and almost filled the frame.

433410358354444Having people playing with the pups also helps to catch some interesting photos. My partner, Todd, has been in a couple of cute shots with puppies, as have my mother and my two nieces. Puppies enjoy being held, but they’re still plenty curious, licking with their tongues and climbing into laps.

032038100051064096072In this blog, I’ve posted on a lot of topics, and there have been plenty regarding negative things. Every once in a while, you’ve just got to post something cute, and puppies definitely fit the bill. These aren’t the last photos I’ll capture of puppies, and it’ll be interesting to see what I capture next.


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