Getting her own star doesn’t go to Minnie Mouse’s head

After 90 years, a grave injustice has been remedied, and many folks are wondering what took so long.

No, someone wasn’t vindicated of a crime he or she didn’t commit. It was more a case of giving someone her just desserts, and in this case, it was cheesecake—heavy emphasis on the cheese.

On Monday, Minnie Mouse was given her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It comes 40 years after her partner, Mickey, was given his star.


Minnie Mouse, in all her polka-dot glory, finally gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 90 years after she first graced the silver screen. (Photo by Lee Pulaski)

How many other female icons do you know who have had to wait 90 years for their own star? If Minnie Mouse wasn’t a fictional character, she’d have been given the star posthumously. Thank goodness cartoons live forever.


It’s been a long time coming, as other Disney stars like Donald Duck, Tinker Bell and Snow White have received their due, while Minnie, who has performed in 70 separate pieces, has been snubbed. It makes Susan Lucci’s Emmy snubbing (18 years) seem like child’s play.

I can’t understand what took Disney so long to nominate her. I mean, she’s kept her nose clean, hasn’t caused any controversy on YouTube or Facebook, and hasn’t had a sex tape surface. I suppose an argument could be made that her first few performances, including her debut in the iconic “Steamboat Willie,” were done topless, but that was in an era before we became an overly sensitive, politically correct society that freaks out over the sexual provocation of fictional characters.

Minnie definitely deserves her due. After all, how many other stars have performed on a daily basis at a set location for more than 60 years? Daily appearances at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and other theme parks—without ever taking a sick day—deserve more than being relegated to Hollywood’s ghetto basement for several generations.

Minnie hasn’t taken any heat for controversial statements. She’s never been accused of being part of the Hollywood elite, and she’s never had the police called to her home for domestic violence. That last one is quite an achievement. Considering some of the shenanigans Mickey got himself into, it really took considerable strength not to slap Mickey and yell, “What’s wrong with you?”

Perhaps one of her greatest achievements—her public work notwithstanding—is keeping polka dots fashionable. She hasn’t tried to be edgy with low-cut gowns, gothic leather numbers or outfits made of meat.

Minnie might be a performer, but she hasn’t commanded attention. I think it’s safe to say this bronze star treatment won’t go to her head.

The joyous day of giving Minnie her star finally gives an icon her day in the spotlight. Now, she just needs to be given her own movie. To not do so is—pardon the pun—so Mickey Mouse.


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